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Knowing what you want is one thing. Knowing where to get it? That's our thing. At Hearts & Fire we seek out artisans, furniture makers and brands that share our passion and energy for cutting edge style and craftsmanship. From focal point, to sensationally unique, to pops of pure joy and color - the items you find here are comfortably at home in your home.  

Hearts & Fire furniture and decor boutique is all about the experience - and it begins the moment you step inside. Let us greet you with a smile and a glass of champagne, while you let your sense of discovery be your guide. 

Looking for something in particular? Here's where to start:

Hi, We're Hearts & Fire

quality furniture & unique accents in omaha, ne

Passion for the pursuit of the one-of-a-kind, the curious and the quirky. Seeking authenticity in everything we do. Selecting pieces for the mix not the match. Love of new, quality furnishings combined with well-loved pieces that have a story to tell. 

what We're known for:

When Hearts & Fire opened its doors in 2018, it was as much a beginning as it was the fulfillment of a promise made years before when mother-daughter duo, Lori Kirkpatrick and Tahnee Chedel, committed to one day owning a store together.  

There's nothing more elemental - or fundamental for that matter - than pursing what you love with someone you love.

MEET Lori & Tahnee

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Peacock dining chairs. A zebra bench. Handcrafted artisanal side tables. Vintage elements. Quality furniture representing the best in custom upholstery and style. And a seemingly endless array of jewelry, candles, accessories, whimsical accents and statement pieces that will leave you speechless.

An Unmistakably Unforgettable Experience

what makes us different

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We believe in heirlooms.

what makes us different

Beautiful presentation of home decor and accessories from the moment you walk in.
The mother and daughter owners are warm and welcoming. They are very creative and helpful.
There’s something for everyone — from eclectic to contemporary to traditional.

= Debbie H

“There's something for everyone — from eclectic to contemporary to traditional.”

lovely words

And, while the store definitely has a distinct Spanish mission vibe that calls to mind its Tubac roots, what it isn’t is a a paean to all things American Southwest. Think less ‘80s era Ralph Lauren throws, and more color-saturated, high-boho boudoir. Like, if Stevie Nicks bought a home in Omaha, this is where she’d shop.

- The Beaspora

“Like, if Stevie Nicks bought a home in Omaha, this is where she'd shop.”

Lovely words

Store owners Lori and Tahnee, a mother-daughter team with a passion for style and decor have something for everyone at every price point.
Their beautiful showroom is brimming with unique pieces you won't find anywhere else in Omaha. 

= Women's Edition

“Their beautiful showroom is brimming with unique pieces you won't find anywhere else in Omaha.”

lovely words


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