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Hearts & Fire

What's in Our Heart

Love, hearts, family, friends – these are the themes that extend into Hearts & Fire. And for good reason. They reflect the close-knit relationship and passion for beautiful design shared by mother-daughter owners Lori Kirkpatrick and Tahnee Chedel. In fact, the two share a love for design and décor that seems to be wired into their DNA.

For years, the pair has spent countless hours together on buying trips for Lori’s Arizona store, Dos Corazones. The name is Spanish for two hearts – representing the love between Lori and her husband, Grumpy.

Traveling to buyer’s markets from coast to coast and everywhere in between, Lori and Tahnee never seem to tire in their search for the quirky and funky, sophisticated and traditional, whimsical and colorful, unique and inspired finds.

It's what we were born to do.

get ready to find something new to love. 

Born in Nebraska, moved to Arizona, Bow has made her triumphant return to the land of her birth. Originally “just one of the guys” at Grumpy’s cigar store, Bow has successfully made the transition to store dog at Hearts & Fire. The bull mastiff is a gentle beast, keeping watch for those willing to scratch her hind quarters in return for her loving devotion. 

the mascot


Retired undercover agent, former cigar shop owner and author of a book called, “60 Miles of Border,” Grumpy (Terry Kirkpatrick) is now a full-time Bopa. Aided by his trusted sidekick, Bow, he ensures the Hearts & Fire warehouse is clean and is the muscle for unloading and uncrating large orders. As social as he is strong, he also serves as the bartender at Hearts & Fire events. You can pick up a copy of his book in the store. If you’re lucky, he may be there to sign it!

The warehouseman


She may not remember the grade she got on a sixth-grade paper expressing her goal to attend interior design school before charting a career in the industry, but since opening Hearts & Fire with mom, Lori, Tahnee has never looked back. After a successful career in marketing, she returned to the thing she’s loved to do since middle school – find really unique items from vendors that share her love of fine quality and artistry. Like the name of the store, it’s strengthened her love for what she does – and who she gets to share it with.

The activator


The true center of all things Hearts & Fire, Lori’s touchstone was the belief that she would someday open a store to showcase finds that reflect her love for the beautiful, unusual, finely crafted and imaginatively created. A Nebraska native, her journey took her to Arizona where she met Grumpy, the love of her life, and believer in her innate talent for design. She eventually brought him back to her children, grandchildren and Hearts & Fire, which she owns with daughter Tahnee.

The touchstone


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